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(scene where elena loses her Aunt Jenna)

I’ve been gone for a longgg time now… my last entry was—a few months short of being over a year ago. Lots of things have changed—things are different now. people change, I’ve changed, and life still somehow manages to go on. 

I’ve been doing a bit of reflecting for the past few days. I suppose a lot of events have led me to do this self-reflecting. On Monday, I was in phil lecture when I found out my Grade 12 bio teacher has passed away Saturday night from being involved in a car-bike collision. The news was on somebody’s facebook update and I remember the sick, numbing sensation stirring in my stomach when I asked for clarification. Inside my head, I was going “please… not that Ms. Hurn. Not my favourite bio teacher—who inspired me to take on biological science as a tentative major”. I went home early Monday, not bothering to go to the rest of my tutorials. I had to process the news of her departure and as I tried to cope with the upsetting news, my facebook newsfeed was a constant reminder of our—the people who knew her, the people she inspired, and the people she would have continued to inspire—lost. I went through yearbooks, attempting to find pictures of her—all the while my head was pounding with thoughts. I became angry—how could someone (this higher being) take away someone so young, filled with so much passion, and still had so much to life for?—she truly illuminated everything that was good and inspiring. Highschool were not the greatest periods of my life—but teachers like Ms. Hurn made them that much more bearable because of her love and drive for life. The world is a little worse off by losing this wonderful and amazing human being. She had so much to offer and I always thought “Thank god, at least Tech has her. Maybe all hope isn’t lost yet.” 


Exams are coming up and classes are finishing up for the spring semester. I will be jetting off our a few trips as soon as they end! (: Finally get the vaca I think I deserve after two years of post sec. 

I do feel kind of guilty—thinking of how much free time I’ll have—that’s four months of summer! I haven’t had much of a break since summer 2010 when I went on my trip to HK. Speaking of which, I will be going back this summer! Just for a month though..which I now regret. Father asked me how long I wanted to stay, and a week ago, I truly thought a month was long enough. But I’ve been reminded how much I fell in love with that place two years ago and in yesterday’s video call to uncle and my grandparents, I realized my uncle would be on his honeymoon for at least three months before making it back to HK….which would leave us…exactly one week to spend together before we would fly back to Canada… Nothing like the two months I spent there two summers ago. 

Anyways, think of this as a news years resolution—coming in a few months late (; I’ll try posting updates on my life as frequent as possible and blogging about my future trips. so stay tuneeeed!

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Here’s to a wonderful wedding ceremony my cousin had on Saturday. I couldn’t be more happy for her! It was definitely a fun jam-packed day. Girls got ready at 8:30 and were out n in the limo by 12pm. Wedding ceremony started at 1pm and then headed down to coal harbour to take pictures around 3pm. Reception started around 6:30pm. Speeches and slideshows accompanied with delicious seven course dinner with AMAZING dessert. The party ended with everyone on the dance floor. CONGRATULATIONS TO JOE AND CHRISTIE. may your love always be as blessed as it is now!

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I think about him way to often =/ sighhh, I’ve started to neglect everything and everyone around me. Time to get my life back on track. Even though you may not feel the same way about me, I don’t want this feeling to fade. We have something special even though you many  not realize it. I wish you were brave enough to admit it. Instead of getting angry whenever I try to get us to confront it. But I can’t wallow in this, waiting forever for you to acknowledge it. I’ve wasted enough time thinking about it. I’ll still always feel this way about you. I’ll wait.

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20110401 Wonder Girls And JYP - 《I Love Asia》 @ HK Artistes 311 Love Beyond Borders (by PikeYenny4)

when mother nature is cruel to us and disaster strikes, the kinder human beings must become to each other. 

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I’ve stopped posting on tumblr .__.

My life right now? 

school (final weeks of spring semester is here—struggling to stay on top), work (somehow I’ve got myself an additional shift per week so now working two days a week)

cousin’s wedding (one of her bridesmaid! so measurements for dress this week and then showers, stagette, nd actual wedding in july)

REC (I still didn’t manage to finish my first form of mui fa kurn—I’ll finish it in summer semester for sure!)

WALK OF HOPE this sunday for japan! Raising awareness and funds to help the victims of natural tsunami and nuclear disaster. Please come out and walk!…it’s not that hard =P

hitting the gym with a gf today! should be interesting~

I’ll keep tumblr posted…

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Canadians are really polite—at least most of us. In fact we’re so polite, we got mocked for it in some places like the states. We get laughed at the fact that we stop for stop lights even when they’re no cars and we say sorry way too much. So I guess we’re in such a polite society, that I take it for granted. And it really irked me today when I met a certain rude girl. She crept up behind my bff and I today when we were catching up with each other. She was just standing there and didn’t say anything until my bff said hi. My bff didn’t bother with introductions so I decided to introduce myself first. The awkward moment when you tell someone your name and you don’t get one in return. And then silence….

Who the hell does that? In a world that’s already messed up enough as it is, we have people who don’t even bother to introduce themselves, not bothering to give their names to people they just met. well finee then, Ill just remember you as one of the rudest people I’ve ever met. 


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I love this girl’s hair. I’m actually thinking of doing streaks at the tips. nothing drastic—maybe green?(forest green) or pink—(the bubble gum shade)~

I love this girl’s hair. I’m actually thinking of doing streaks at the tips. nothing drastic—maybe green?(forest green) or pink—(the bubble gum shade)~

11 3 / 2011

each one of us has a different story.

each one of us has a different story.

11 3 / 2011

there are millions of stories waiting to be told- so why is it so hard for us to listen?

there are millions of stories waiting to be told- so why is it so hard for us to listen?